These are things God has done. These are Redemption Stories.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Redemption Story #4 - My Road to Redemption

I used to be lost, on drugs, and (at one point) homeless. Living on the streets, thankfully not for very long.

My life growing up was very hard. I felt lost most of the time and didn't feel like I fit in society.

My dad died when I was young (12 years old), and from then on I struggled a lot to find myself and my purpose in life. By the time I was fifteen, I was hooked on crystal meth and crack cocaine. I was in and out of jail my whole life. I was lost and very angry growing up, angry at my situation in life. I was hurt by how my life turned out, I lacked guidance and I was constantly in and out of foster homes.

Not having any kind of parents or guidance growing up, I turned to a life of drugs and crime. Drugs were my escape from reality, but drugs led me to crime, and crime led me to jail. I spent the last 10 years of my life in and out of jails all over British Columbia. But... I found God in jail.

There I was, sitting in holding cells for 5 days, coming down off all the drugs I had polluted myself with. I was looking at 4 years in prison for armed robbery at a liquor store. I was lost and broken and I needed a change. So I cried out to God to come into my life, and help me get clean and sober. The Holy Spirit was planted, every day in jail I woke up and started to pray. I prayed for strength to get me through.

Since I was looking at a very long time, I had to be strong, so I prayed for strength, and God heard my prayers just like the prayer in Jonah 2.

It was very hard being a Christian in jail, I wanted to share this thing that was growing in me, it was the Spirit inside me. I prayed for all the men in there to find God. I have seen what drugs have done to me and to the men in jail, we all had similar stories.

I attended the prison church service's every Sunday. I went around every week door to door gathering every and any one I could to go to church with me. Not only was I saved, but God used me to bring about fifteen other men to him. There was ten of us that would wear crosses and go around praying for the guys. The guards thought we were a new gang - we were, but it was God's gang! We were spreading the spirit of Christ with murderers, drug addicts, and criminals. God was with us, the guards couldn't believe what was happening.

I spent 13 months in jail, and I am finally free from the darkness of prison and the evil that lies behind its walls.

For the first time in my life, I feel free. Not because I am out, but because God has redeemed me of my past life. Today, I'm sober, starting new, and loving the life God has given me. I don't feel lost anymore, instead I feel loved, and I'm trusting God completely with my life. I have been through hell and back, but it took me to go there to be here today.

I feel redeemed.

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